How many times can I flush a toilet with WaterLoo installed?

The average toilet cistern takes between 6 – 9 litres of water. WaterLoo stores 7,5 litres.

When WaterLoo is completely filled, it will double the capacity of most cisterns. If, in addition, your cistern offers a half-flush option, it would mean that that you will have 4,5 half flushes available instead of only two without WaterLoo.

Will this fit on my toilet?

Most cisterns have removable lids. WaterLoo has been designed to fit between the cistern and its lid. The shape of your toilet will not affect the WaterLoo fit.

Toilets, furthermore, come with different flushing actions – lever arm action or top-centre push button action. WaterLoo has been designed to fit both these systems. (See our installation instructions for more detail.)

Do I need a plumber to install WaterLoo?

No, installing and removing WaterLoo is simple and easy. You can do it yourself. Also, no changes are required to the cistern or the toilet.

I have heard grey water can smell?

The daily re-stocking of greywater in WaterLoo and the ongoing use of the toilet reduces the standing time of the water and therefore prevents the build up of odours.

Do I need to turn the normal municipal water supply to my toilet off?

For the best water saving, close the toilet’s main water tap. If required, you may want to leave the tap slightly open. This will allow municipal water to still fill the cistern, but at a slower rate. This comes in handy to ensure a full cistern in the event of the WaterLoo storage bank being empty.