How to Install

WaterLoo can fit different types of loo systems.
After establishing which loo system you have, click on the relevant “how to install” video below for step-by-step instructions.

Lever Arm: Left or Right hand

Top flush Loo System with push rod

Top flush Loo system with cable

Trouble shooting

•  Valve not opening

Make sure your valve is not touching any part of your cistern sidewalls or any other working part that might obstruct the workings of your WaterLoo valve.

•  My extension rod is to short

In some cases, users will have to remove a rubber endcap from their existing push rod before they apply the new WaterLoo extension rod. Now the extended rod is shortened by the thickness of the rubber. To correct this, you need to glue the rubber cap back onto the end of the WaterLoo extension rod.

•  My ball valve’s ball is in the way

Firstly, turn off the main water supply to your toilet. Then carefully unscrew (anti clock wise action) only the ball from the main inlet valve stem. Now position your WaterLoo valve into the container corresponding with the new opening area.

Minimum cistern size

Product Diagram

Waterloo product diagram